At Image Pool Resurfacing we pride ourselves on only using quality products.

Resurfacing your existing swimming pool or spa is a cost-effective way of extending the life of your pool/spa. It is a great way to restore the surface with minimal disruption to the pool area. On average a typical swimming pool renovation will take 1 week from commencement. 

We use vinyl ester resins combined with fiberglass matting and finished with aqua guard top coat to ensure your pool can withstand the harsh Northern Territory climate making it maintenance friendly. 

The advantages of having your pool resurfaced with fiberglass is that it is strong, durable and unlikely to crack or tear unlike concrete or vinyl lined pools.


We can repair leaks, cracks, osmosis, rust, and discolouration. Pools and spas that can be resurfaced by Image Pool Resurfacing are:

  • Fiberglass

  • Concrete

  • Vinyl

  • Tiled


At Image Pool Resurfacing in Darwin, we can renovate your old detreated concrete, tiled, vinyl or fiberglass pool. Whether it’s a complete recoat, a simple repair or a totally different color your're after we can help you. Don’t pull your old pool out and spend tens of thousands of dollars replacing it. Give Image Pool Resurfacing a call first.

At Image, we pride ourselves on giving you a finished product that would rival any modern pool finish.

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Concrete pools

1 week plus cure time

(All pool/spa resurfacing time frame can defer depending on size and weather conditions)

Fibreglass pools

  • Emptying pool/spa using a quiet submerged pump

  • Bracing of the pool to prevent collapsing

  • Set up tents for shade and dust control

  • Grind out any osmosis bubbles and patch cracks.

  • Tape up and remove fixtures, lay down drop paper around pool.

  • Fibreglass and waterproof entire pool.

  • Sand off any dags left by fibreglass.

  • Apply base coat of Fibre Tech flow coat, then sand.

  • Apply a second coat of Fibre Tech flow coat.

  • Apply speckling for a non-skid surface and a great cosmetic finish

  • Remove tape, drop paper, tent, and reattach fittings.

  • Silicon seals and edges- were fibreglass joins coping 

  • Leave cure for 4 days before filling with water.

Concrete Pools, same process as fibreglass with a few exceptions
eg: Remove old vinyl liners, grind tiles and acid wash.